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The Rules

We base our rules on the World Series of Beer Pong which can be downloaded here or you can buy them on Amazon.

These are designed to be fair to all players and minimise possible disputes between teams. Note that for BritPong we play two in a team, with ten cups and we actively encourage severe distraction techniques when players are shooting (but this needs to be within the ‘distraction rules’).

Download the rules
The Brit Pong way

Differences in play


There are two differences to the WSOBP championship - We use beer instead of water, 1 pint between ten cups.


The UK Championships is a straight knock-out competition.


These rules are designed with three purposes in mind - Fairness to all players.


Efficiency in running a maximum number of games simultaneously.


Minimisation of possible disputes between participants.


The rules are meant to be applied to all BRITPONG authorised or sanctioned events.