Brit Pong

Cups at the ready

This is the largest prize for a UK beer pong tournament ever in the UK.

Oh yeah, well actually there hasn’t ever been an official UK beer pong tournament, so that’s not difficult. But we think it’s the biggest thing since the 2012 Olympics and interest in the game (or should we say 'sport') is increasing rapidly.

The Stakes

Teams of two can play


First Team Prize - £5,000 cash and entry into the World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) in Las Vegas as the Official UK Champions. The WSOBP winner’s prize is $50,000 along with $15,000 of other prize money! This was won on 29 February 2016 by the LAD Lane team of Brad Allnutt and Mark Campbell both from London. They will be flying over to Las Vegas in July. Revisit here in December to find out the date and venue of the next championship (will be around February/March 2017 and in London. 

The airfares and 4 nights in Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino are all paid by our generous sponsors Breakthrough Funding.


Second Team Prize - £2,000 cash won by the Get Out Of My Hole team of Stephen Burt from London and Jack Griesel from Essex. 


Third Team Prize - £500 cash won by the Hoegenschlagen team of Matthew Jones and Joel Wright of Kent.